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About Us

Shahrara KAREN Pars Company

This complex was established in 2017, in order to expand production capacity in downstream petrochemical industries, especially in the field related to PVC Group products, which with more than a decade of experience and technical knowledge of the founders, to one of the top product providers such as PVC edge band , All kinds of PVC compound and granules. By using specialized specialists and focusing on research and modern design of engineering, advanced formulations and machines, the company offers a higher quality choice and Superior competitive advantage and Has been able to occupy a significant share of the domestic market in Iran. Also in 2020, with the expansion of its activities outside the borders of Iran with the establishment of production and marketing unit in Turkey, has succeeded in creating a bridgehead in the EU and the middle east through the export of its products. ShahrAra Karen Pars Company has upgrades its position in the field of PVC products and causes a positive and new change in the supply of the iran's petrochemical industry through the Business partnership European and Asian companies and by using creativity and innovation.

Our Services
Polymer Compound

Production of PVC compounds with various formulations according to consumer needs

PVC granule

Production of PVC granules in accordance with the wide range of products in this market

PVC Edge Band

Production of PVC edge band tapes used in the furniture and decoration industry

Technical Services

Participation in the design and operation of various PVC extrusion production lines


Export of polymer products and commercial goods


Importing all kinds of raw materials required by industrial units

Our Partner
KAREN Products & Services
PVC Compound
Variety of formulations
PVC Granule
Green Granule
Technical Services
Design and operation of production lines
Trading Projects
PVC Compound Export
2022 Export to turkey

Since the beginning of 1400, the export of PVC compound to Turkey has been provided and is in progress

Expand the IMPORT of raw materials
2022IMPORT from china, india & turkey

In order to diversify the sources of raw material supply and improve the quality of raw materials, the expansion of imports is on the agenda

Create export and import cycle
2022Economic IRAN

In order to create an economic cycle based on international relations, it moves towards creating equivalent processes in exports and imports.

Industrial Projects
PVC Foam sheet
2022 Foam Sheet production line Eshtehard

PVC foam sheet production line is under development in the factory of Shahr Ara Karen Pars Company

Increase the number of production lines
2022edge Band Production line Eshtehard

The number of PVC edge tape production lines in the company's factory in Eshtehard industrial town has reached 9 lines

Setting up a granule production line
2021 PVC Granule Qazvin

PVC granule production plant has been installed in Qazvin Caspian Industrial Town and is conducting preliminary tests

Trading Capacity
  • Export
    Export capacity of 1500 tons of polymer product (35%)
  • Import
    Import capacity of 2800 tons of raw materials (90%)
  • domestic sales
    Sales capacity of 15,000 edge bar boxes(100%)
  • Distribution
    Distribution capacity of 5000 edge tape boxes(80%)
Production Capacity
  • Compound
    Production capacity of 1000 tons of compound (30%)
  • Granule
    Production capacity of 2500 tons of granules (55%)
  • Edge band
    Production capacity of 15,000 edge tape boxes (100%)
  • PVC Foam Sheet
    Production capacity of 12,000 square meters of pvc foam sheets (10%)
Contact Us
Contact Method

29 ,Tenth st. ,Tirth st. ,Sarv blvd.

Sa'adatabad ,Tehran






Working Hours

Saturday to Thursday from 8 am to 5 pm local time

Factory(1) Address

3949 - phase 3 - Industrial town



Factory(2) Address

125 - phase 1 - Caspian Industrial town